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Gig denied, then came back, then moved to last page

Does anyone have a solution for this issue, so basically i made a change to my gig, then it was denied for no reason, i contacted CS, then it was resolved automatically, gig came back to search wherever it was, then in next 10 minutes when CS replied back saying Good news everything is fine etc straight away my gig dropped its ranking from each keyword. Its been moved back to very end page everwhere. CS said this is normal, how the hell this seems normal to anybody? within 10-20 minutes you have destroyed the whole gig, 200% someone on purpose moved the gig, its like they reset it, so every single gig gone to last pages. Not sure what to do now.
Performance is 100%, no late orders, no negative, no cancellation, response rate 1 hr, so no chance its performance.

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one of my friends had that same issue, he couldn’t recover it. Still the same, CS told everything will be ok, but nothing became ok actually

this is messed up!! it needs to be reported and resolved. Bloody crap CS who doesnt care at all. Within 20 minutes i witnessed my ranked gig to disappear to very last page in every single keyword. Reason was it was denied and then sorted after further checks. What the hell is this? atleast give a proper flipping reason, if i made a mistake then tell me, give me warnings. ITS REALLY FRUSTRATING!!! bloody jokes

I hope you are doing good. I am here to discuss a similar problem. Almost 15 hours ago everything was fine and suddenly i received this message… Your Gig “scrape active targeted emails from, instagram, facebook, etc” is removed
The Gig failed to pass our review and is not visible to anyone.( to see your denied Gigs and learn more about this action."

This was only gig which was ranking on my account from which i completed 6-7 order.
I respect Fiverr policies but this is not fair for me. The thing is this gig worked for a month. Why not it got banned or removed at the start?. Now another thins which I am noticing is that my all Gigs are not appearing in search.
My questions:
I have some amount in my account which i got from the same gig. Is it safe?
Any idea to get my gig back?

It doesn’t have to be fair. Your were offering a service that Fiverr does not allow, so they removed it. That is their right to do, here, on their website. And to be honest, email scraping is a terrible idea that promotes spam. You should not be collecting emails and selling them without the permission of those who own the emails. Fiverr did the right thing. Perhaps you can come up with a better service that is allowed here on Fiverr.

Fiverr does not guarantee that gigs will show up in search results, or that they will show up where sellers want them to show up. You shouldn’t be expecting Fiverr to provide you with all of your sales.

If Fiverr removed your account, they would have given you instructions about this. If your account still exists, then you should be able to withdraw your funds normally.

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Question: Did you read Fiverr’s terms of service before you signed up?

What people fail to understand is… Fiverr can change their terms whenever they feel like it WITHOUT giving us the heads-up. If your gig was denied, what can you do? Raise hell about it? Or create a gig that complies with their policy?


Thanks for replying,
I thought it was not illegel as there are many gigs on fiverr, with more order why not they get denied…

It is never appropriate to collect and sell someone’s email address without their permission. The only people using “scraped” emails are spammers.

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Dude, don’t worry i am not a spammer… I am using legel methods to scrape emails, let me give you example I received 14-15 messages for Facebook emails scrapping and I straight away said them I am not using any illegal method etc. Right!. The order which I completed are related to Instagram emails scrapping but again in a legal way. How?. I hope you experienced Instagram mobile application and when you search somebody, in the ids some people shows their emails in Contact button. I have a software which can only scrape those email mentioned in contact button mean if they are public otherwise impossible for me. You are thinking wrong. Thanks!

If you want proof for not using illegal I can send you fiverr inbox snapshot!

Getting email addresses without the owner consent and selling them online to someone is illegal.


If the owners have not given you permission to collect and sell their emails, then you are perpetuating spam. Just because you think it is okay, does not make it legal or appropriate.

As Fiverr clearly told you:

It failed to pass Fiverr’s review, because they don’t want you selling other people’s email addresses here on Fiverr. If Fiverr removed your gig, then you have your answer. That answer is “NO”.

Do not send any “proof screenshots” to my Fiverr inbox. I will mark them as spam.

es, you are right! But I have not done any illegal thing!:slightly_frowning_face:. Huh if someone mentioned email publicly and I collect them and it is illegel. Wow​:joy::joy: and another thing I forgot to add. The mail I received from fiverr and it is written;
Your gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your gig violating their term and use!
Just let me know that it looks like somebody complaint against my gig.