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Gig denied twice (downloading videos)

Hello, I am a new seller on Fiverr and I’m trying to do things right, but I just created a gig that got denied due to TOS violation.
It was about downloading videos (I had previously checked that there were gigs offering the same). I thought it was because I named sites like youtube and skillshare.

So I created a new gig changing several words, but it got denied again. I don’t understand why, and I think it’s quite dangerous for the future of my account to get to denied gigs due to TOS violations in one day. The problem is that I don’t know what is violating them. I have checked the TOS a few times and other similar gigs, and I can’t understand the issue.

My last gig text was just this:

I can download videos and audios from your online courses for watching offline or own backups.

Please, ask before ordering. I want to make sure I can deliver.

Gig is for 100 videos or max 10 Gb. I will send the with Google Drive.

I can also offer:
Video and audio transcription (only Spanish)
Other files download
Watching videos for you
Data entry and file conversion

Thank you very much for your help

It sounds like it could have been because you wouldn’t have the rights to download those videos (eg. copyright) and/or the TOS of one of the sites doesn’t allow other users logging into the sites to download the videos there on behalf of someone else.

So check the TOS of the site your gig is using and check what you are doing wouldn’t be against those TOS or against copyright laws.


1.check your number verification
2.try snap tube and avoid COPYRIGHT

Also, as far as I know you’re generally not supposed to work or deliver work outside of the platform, like you said you’d send the videos through Google Drive (unless they changed the terms…)

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If you type “video downloading gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


Thank you very much everyone. I will read and check everything more carefully to find the exact cause.

Janali, I believe it’s not about drive, I read that if files are too big you can use other services to deliver. But I’ll check that too.


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After reading more about it, I’ve decided I won’t be offering that gig.

It must be that saying that I can download from “any site” could have third copyright infringements depending on the the site. Sorry fiverr, it wasn’t my intention to offer any problematic gig. I’ll pay more attention next time.

Thank you everyone for your useful help!