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Gig denied with error: “Your Gig requires modification - Third Party TOS"

Hello. I have seen many posts with the same issue, but none of them are helpful for some reason.

I have just submitted a new gig and it instantly got denied due to:
“Your Gig requires modification - General TOS violation”

I don’t know if it is relevant, but here is some more info:
I had 3 price options in USD (5, 10, 20). The only difference between each of them was the amount of time of each game session in hours (2, 5, unlimited).
I offered a 1-day delivery, then tried 3, 2, 1.
I gave no extra options.
It was called: I will join and support you and your friends in GTA Online
All I was offering was joining the buyer’s GTA Online session and help him progress.
I provided screenshots of me playing the game and 1 screenshot of my Rockstar profile.

So I am asking:

  1. What is causing this issue?
  2. How can I fix the issue?

NOTE: I’m using quixd3v’s post in this forum as a template.

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Does the error message not give any additional information? It seems your gig has violated the Terms of Service, have you read those to see what the problem might be?

This is all what it shows.
And no, I’m not violating any of the rules. In fact, there are many similar gigs listed in fiverr.

Maybe there is a problem with the picture you were using for thumbnail for the gig?

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The thread title is giving a different violation message than you say later in the first post.

In the title/first post you say the message was “Your gig requires modification - Third Party TOS”
but further in the post it says "Your Gig requires modification - General TOS violation”.

Did you get both messages or just one?

The 1st one sounds like it’s not allowed by another company’s terms of service, like the game company’s. The second sounds like it could just be something not allowed on Fiverr.

I’m surprised they allow an “unlimited” number of hours to be offered, when they also only allow a 30 day max service. That’s probably okay but I’d change it from unlimited anyway.

It could be a copyright in a gig image like has been suggested, or something Fiverr doesn’t think is allowed. Maybe it was the wording of the gig title. You could check with CS though if you haven’t.