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Gig denied without a reason

Hi guys, I have edited a gig and set the title to ‘I will and a logo design’. The title seem awkward but it drives a lot impression. Just search ‘logo’ in search box and see how much they are with same title. They are appearing on the top of search. I have put this title to get more impression and next day, I had 6 queues on that gig. But unfortunately, from all those popular gig, my gig has got denied by moderators. They say it may miss lead buyer. But what about other gigs who have similar title? Are they not miss leading buyer? I have already contacted CS and they replied I’d have to create another gig. I’d have to stick with promotion again. But what if they deny it again? I need suggestions from you guys.
If any of you have similar experience, post it and also post if it were fixed or not.

I have had similar experience. It is what it is, Fiverr thinks that your gig is (and it probably was) generic and didn’t offer something unique. As you say there were many sellers with similar title. Forget that gig and create new, better and more unique one.

Thanks for your response. But the reason behind that title is that it get a lot impression. All people with that title had about 10 queues and I already have mentioned about it that I had got 6 orders in one day on that gig.

Sorry to hear you can’t use that title.

Why did that title get so many orders?

Yes I know. I was in a similar situation when I was starting Fiverr. Got ranked good for a good keyword. Got 10 orders in few days, and then boom! Gig denied!

you can try this as new gig to see results .

I wish there was a good answer to that question, but I’m not sure there is. I was curious after reading it and was tweaking some gigs of mine. I searched based on keywords in my title and tags and didn’t find my own gigs by obvious wording or keyphrases. I had to look at the top gigs under the keywords I wanted and see what their titles and tags were. By duplicating them I finally found my gigs, but it didn’t make a lot of sense.

One gig that is paused again now had “blog article” in the title and “blog article” is a single keyphrase tag. It didn’t show up in search with those two words together. Someone else had blog article in their title but their tags were “blog” and “article” (separate) plus “SEO” which isn’t actually listed anywhere in their gig or extras. I changed my tags to “blog,” “article,” “SEO” and boom, I showed up. Just one example.

It’s too bad a nonsense title works better for the OP than a regular one, but it’s believable. Unfortunately, I also see why they denied it. They’ll probably eventually deny the others too. grumbling about search as usual

Thanks for the idea here.

Yeah, you got it right way. Thats what I have done. But… :frowning:

LOL :smiley:

Fiverr search engine is kinda mess. Let suppose if you’re selling photoshop stuff. Search ‘Photoshop’ and you’d see results like ‘I will adobe photoshop photo retouching’ which is not correct according to grammar. Just then you’d be shocked to see ‘POPULAR SEARCH RESULTS’ on that gigs.

And, if you use their tags you’d get the same thing.

Yes, but I’m worried if they deny again.