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Gig Denied without any reason


I had this gig that fix html validation errors in books. Suddenly it was denied without a reason. So contacted the CS asking for the SPECIFIC reason why my gig was denied and this is what I got.

“Thank you for contacting us. Upon further review of your Gig, it appears that your Gig was removed for violation of a third party’s Terms of Service. Any Gig that goes against the Terms of Service of a third party is in turn against our Terms of Service. Before creating a Gig that involves a third party services, we ask that you please read that party’s Terms of Service and make sure your Gig is in compliance with those terms before publishing the Gig on Fiverr.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.”

Can anyone tell me what is the specific answer for my question, to me it looks like a vague, ambiguous that doesn’t say anything specifically. Or may be I don’t understand English. Saying I vilated the TOS is not specific.

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Well, I think that’s as “specific” as they can get. In any way do you think your gig violated a Third Party’s Terms of Service? Was there a certain Third Party involved that you think your gig or gig description (in any way) you may have unintentionally violated their ToS? You might probably get the most specific answer if you ask them repeatedly but maybe you can just reflect and consider what might have been considered as a violation in your gig. :slight_smile:

I received the exact same message on a gig that I have had since 2015 that has absolutely no mention of 3rd parties and have 4.8 star review from over 400 orders.

I just quit my job to do writing full time as I make more from Fiverr than at my previous job. I am trying to find out the reason but CS is not helpful at all.

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Did you use any logos of any companies in your gig? What about the pictures? Were they any you borrowed from some place else?

What about the names of any brands or companies you used in photos or your description? What about any apps you mentioned or use?

Any of these could be the reason.

For me, I did not use anything that was not my own work and no mention of any outside parties.

Anyways, they should at least tell you what the issue is so that you can fix it. Why build up a 1000+ 5 Star gig only to have it permanently shut down if you ever make one mistake. Would it not be infinitely easier to tell the person the issue, they remove one word or picture and then continue on?

Seems like it is easy for competitors to falsely flag a better performing gig in order to get them out of the space with absolutely no repercussions.

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I am sorry for what happened to you.

I paused all my gigs after getting my second gig denied. I am worried because I already received two warnings and the third will be the end of the account.

It is not fair asking to avoid a mistake without telling what it is.

Just imagine a scenario like this:
You: Going to work as usual.
Police Officer: "You broke the law, if you are caught again breaking the law, you will be sent to jail for rest of you life (Account will be suspended).
You: Ok officer thank you for warning me. Could please let me what law I break so I could avoid it in the future?
Police Officer: You broke the law.
You: Yes officer, but what mistake I do? Without knowing what was the mistake, how can I avoid it?
Police Officer: You’re asking too many unwanted questions. If you ask again I will throw you in jail.
You: Go home, lock the door, throw the keys, sit down breath deeply, hoping you won’t break the law again.

That’s my current situation, I paused my gigs, hoping I won’t break any TOS or anything.