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Gig denied without proper explanation

Hello, Im trying to publish a gig with a video but it was denied without explanation. so i assumed it was the video so i edited a bit changed background music then again 2nd time it was denied too, where can i get proper explanation about this so that i can fix it and publish my gig?
also is this a tos violation warning or just a gig denied notification?

You can use this

already applied there, but i deleted the denied gig so im not sure how much they can help.

Ummm, if you can’t tell us what Fiverr said when the video was denied, what was in the video, or if anything could possibly been against TOS, I don’t see how anyone can help you.

Read the TOS, Understand it. Apply it. Be sure the technicalities of the video meet requirements for time and data size and try again.


yeah thats why im confused because only once they said video was denied and i edited everything according to their gig video rules, but last time it just said your gig was denied, thats it!

But if we have no more info that you (matter of fact less info than you) how can we advise on what your drama might be. Did you have gerbils without shirts???

There was a thread recently about a video that was denied for being too long (I think) when it was within the guideline. It seems the guideline that is printed was no longer correct. Try finding that thread.


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