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Gig denied

I have tried to set up a gig twice now only to have it ‘denied’ and marked as spam etc.

The infuriating thing is - there is no way to contact the tin pot god who denied it so I can find out the reasons why.

If I know what the problem is I am sort it out!

I made my ‘gig’ as plain as possible, it’s just a guide bitcoins, I am not selling a method, or promising the reader will make load s of money. All it is, is a guide to explain what bitcoins are, how to set up and mine, how to set up and trade, and how to find sites that pay in you in bitcoins instead of $'s.

The annoying fact is that others are selling bitcoin guides which are only a third the size of mine and probably not their own - I have spent a lot of time and effort creating my guide so I think it is a real kick in the face.

Massively pi%@ed off.

Did you file a report with Customer Service? Your gig was probably denied by the screening process, since many monetary-related services aren’t allowed on Fiverr.