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Gig Denied

I have to agree, don’t edit your gigs. I’ve had an active gig for over a year with over one hundred 5 stars. I edited it and now it’s been denied because of a third party complaint.

I’m talking to CS about it, but if my past experiences hold true, I don’t expect to get anything more than a copy-paste response.

It might be that, or it might be that you had a logo of a private company like Amazon, or it might be something else. That’s not my experience, however, the only gig I ever had denied after 80 positive reviews was "I will write an Amazon review."

Either way, editing gigs is necessary, you have to experiment if you’re not getting enough orders. Maybe it’s your gig title, or your tags, or your pictures, or your movie (if you have one), or your gig description. Don’t be afraid to change things.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I didn’t use Amazon’s logo. My title had the name Amazon in it, that’s all. I understand that writing reviews is against Amazon’s TOS, but that’s not what I was doing. I have a PDF that I’ve written that gives information about how to market/promote your book on Amazon. Nothing underhanded at all.

I can start another gig, sure, but what about the 180 positive reviews? It all just seems like a waste of time.

Now CS is telling me that Amazon complained, but won’t say what the complaint was.

So frustrating! Does Fiverr care about their sellers at all? I understand that they have to be careful about the large sites like Amazon, but do they just give in to them without asking for an explanation?


Did you logged to your account from different locations? Or Did you use multiple accounts?

I only have one account. I do log in using my home computer and work computer. Does that matter?

I had the same experience. My (one day old) gig was denied today. This was in the email I received:

This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.

I, however, was directly offering to write reviews on Amazon, but I thought I’d add some consensus anyways.

Honestly doubt the point blank reason was that you ‘edited your gig’. it’s a part of staying competitive to update something on your gig every now and again; the only problem is that, what you update - must not violate anything in terms of TOS, or an update that can cause disinclination/hindrance from customers or even sellers (such as copying gigs etc.).

If you are concerned about it heavily though, we would suggest contacting CS about this, as a denied gig- is only denied for a valid reason, not for trying to stay competitive legitimately of course.


I see another person in this forum who’s gig is denied after 1k positive reviews.Is there any clear guideline how to avoid ’ third party complaint claiming ’ ?

If your gig involved a site such as Amazon, Youtube, or other such sites you may be violating that sites terms of service.

Paid Amazon reviews are against the Amazon Terms which means also against Fiverr’s.

The easiest way is to put up no gigs that are related in any way to non-Fiverr sites. This isn’t because all of those gigs are a problem, but the question is comparable to “Is there any clear guidance on how to avoid having a child?”

Yes, there is a completely clear way if you really want it. :wink:

The second best thing is to ask Fiverr CS to check a gig you are going to put up or have just put up. If it’s related to third-party sites, read their terms too. Even I if Fiverr gives you an OK, you can check again once or twice a year.

Why can’t they issue a warning or edit order? Give us time to change our titles and descriptions to avoid breaching the TOS. Especially for higher level sellers.

I’m guessing it’s because it’s up to sellers to ensure that they are not breaking any third party’s Terms of Service.

Did you read the thread? It wasn’t a review.

May I ask why are you resurrecting old threads?


Well, to be fair, he was the one who wrote this one… 4 years ago.

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