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Gig Denied


My gig keeps getting denied, and I don’t know why. The reason they give me is, “Your gig seems to contain a promotion of external service, website or product”. My gig is a guide (ebook) to making money using a popular “rewards” website (I don’t want to name it here in case it violates TOS). I do name the site in my gig, both in the title and in the description.

I get that naming the site in my gig could be construed as “a promotion of external… website”. But then how are there DOZENS of gigs for “making money on eBay” or “making money with Yahoo Answers” or with Google Adwords, etc, etc, etc? It seems very arbitrary.

I’ve tried listing it several times, changing the language each time. All I can think to do is to list it without ANY mention of what website this guide pertains to, but then it becomes a very generic “make big money at home” gig, and I don’t really want to do that - I want buyers to know what they’re getting.

Any ideas?


While it seems unfair that some gigs are out there with links, the ToS do state you cannot do it - so odds are over time if they too are not following the ToS perhaps they will be removed as well. I would rename the gig and not mention any websites.


I figure that’s the case. But like I said, there’s TONS of gigs that do the same for eBay and whatnot.


Fiverr customer service won’t try to help you. They will just reply with “violation of TOS” and not actually TRY to work with you on your problem.