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Gig denied


After many months of this gig being active and my customers happy with my service, all of a sudden it gets denied. What can I do?


Probably not much. Fiverr usually gives you a reason. What were you selling? Before it was denied, did Fiverr pull the gig for you to edit due to image issues, content, anything like that?


I was doing book reviews. They did not give me a specific reason just that I violated something (which they did not say) and didn’t even give me a warning beforehand.


Well, your answer is probably right there. Amazon and other sites have started to go after Fiverr, freelancers and freelance sites hard. It has been against the Fiverr ToS to do book reviews for some time except in very limited circumstances like on your own blog.

Book reviews overall are no longer viable gigs. You’ll still see gigs up because Fiverr mainly goes after them after either a review site or a buyer complains. In time, the majority of those will be denied.


Gosh, thank you. It is a shame. All my clients were happy and I put so much work into reviewing the books. I can’t imagine someone complaining behind my back like that, but I guess that happens!