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Gig denied

I need specific Issues that are causing my gig to be denied. My offer meets all the criteria. I’ve taken out a lot of the details and simplified the request. I am thinking it may be a language issue. Is it the font? I am uploading the file…Now I can’t upload the file. It is Open Document text. I just Tried MS Office 97 to 2003 Also.

Something wrong with your gig that conflicts with Fiverr’s ToS. Did you contact the Customer Support yet?

I also would suggest CS in this case because your question doesn’t seem to match the gig creation process. For gigs, the font is preset and you can’t change it. You can’t use Word documents to create a gig. You create a gig to sell a digital service. Are you intending to sell or buy?

No response by 7-27. Thread closed.