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Gig Deranked For More A year Now...Should I Quit?

My best selling Gig was deranked to the last page since September 2019. I have completed several orders and got 50+ 5* reviews from return buyers. Despite the hardwork I put into my orders, my impressions are not improving. I’m tired, frustrated and feel like quitting Fiverr.

Dear experienced sellers, do you think there is a chance that my Gig will return to the search page or should I quit and channel my energy to other reliable freelancing platforms?


wait some day, It will be ranked again soon

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She is waiting for over a year.


Did you try blogging with your link, social media exposure, YouTube?

I just checked you profile and gigs.

You use literally 10% of Fiverr things to improve your visibility on site.

You have one photo that explains nothing of what you offer; in search results, you come up as a photo of a woman, with no context whatsoever. And for all gigs, you have the same picture.

It is a miracle you even gain orders with this.

Why don’t you try to improve your gigs?


Thank you @marinapomorac

I’ve changed my Gig image multiple times, from custom images from my designers, videos, to the current Gig image. Maybe, I shouldn’t give up and try changing the Gig image once again.

Please, what again do you suggest I do to improve my visibility. Also, have you seen any seller who got back to the front pages after their Gigs were deranked?

Thanks again for your help.

That is not what I meant. You have image, you need images, plural.

No. That is not the way to do this. You need to prepare, research, study, make minimum 3 jpg images plus more and put them in PDF form. You need to make video.

You did not do anything Fiverr suggests, or you did 10% of what needs to be done.

Your profile and services are missing 90% of data and things necessary to increase your visibility.

Tell them what? If she does this her account will be banned permanently.
Do you do this @afzalsb? This is against Fiverr TOS. Spamming people is not acceptable. You need to be 100% sure client wants to receive messages from you.


Sorry I didn’t know that

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Someone told me about it yesterday

Thanks @marinapomorac for the taking the time to respond to each of my points. I’ll work on the criteria you highlighted and hope things return back to normal.

Don’t listen to things that “someone” tells you.

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Check this out: GIG Ranking issue answer finally provided by the CS

the algoritm of the searching, is changing… or also you have more competitors…

Hi @topywrites, is there a difference in your gig impressions now? I have been facing these same issues for about three months now and there seems to be no luck even though all my stats are at 100%. I am also getting frustrated too at this point.

If your impressions have improved, was there anything else you did? Any tip will be fine.

No improvement despite changing Gig image, rewriting descriptions, and even getting orders from old clients. May be Fiverr wants experienced sellers to start looking elsewhere.

It’s sad. That’s my experience too. I noticed we are from the same country. Could it be a location thing?