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Gig deranked from 1 page to last! Why?

Recently one of my new gig got ranked on first page and I was very happy and got good number of orders but it dropped to last page (after applying some filters).

Does anyone know why this happened? I did not make any late delivery, no bad review, response rate was also okay. Then why it dropped from top to last it can be dropped to second third or last page :frowning:

if someone experienced this please share.

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Algorithms are dynamic, not static. All placements change regardless of activity and performance.

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I know its dynamic but from first page to last? is that much dynamic is normal?

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Yes, unfortunately. If you find something that works. Don’t change it, honestly.

Fiverr is like a game of musical chairs, everyone gets moved around. Maybe this is done to give other people a chance, maybe it’s random.

Ironically, some filters actually rank you higher than other filters. I think I had better rankings when I was delivering in 3 days instead of 5. Also, if you’re a TRS doing something that no other TRS is doing, imagine what that filter can do for you.

My suggestion is find another source of income, don’t rely on Fiverr for everything.


It’s normal. My gigs have been on last pages for 2 years soon.

Increase your gig impressio then your gig will top again.

Algorithms don’t mean “Move this x percent.”

Algorithms are a program of actions to be performed under certain set conditions, therefore any fluctuation is possible. It all depends on how it is programmed.

Fiverr would have a reason for their particular program. It isn’t arbitrary or senseless like a lot of disgruntled sellers like to believe.

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