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Gig deranked without any reason

Recently, my gig has been removed from searches. It used to be on the first page. Now my clicks & impressions are 0. I’m a level 2 seller. I used to get orders daily now I can’t even find my gig. What’s the point of following TOS when you are treated like this eventually?

I didn’t make any changes to my gig
No Fiverr warning
5 star rating

It all happened suddenly.

Have you experienced the same? How to overcome?


the same for my gigs

If you use the :mag: search tool you will find that this is a common problem even for TRSs.

So how do we overcome that? Make new gig or the current gig will rank again automatically?

Only can wait for fiverr to rethink about your gig.

There’s already many Topics on this. Just search by “gig lost rank”
However, you can also read this & hope you’ll get some answers to your questions- Rank again your Gig that gone last page with many positive reviews