Gig Description Copy


Just want to rant for a second. I ran into a gig in my category that has meshed together probably 3 other gigs descriptions, pretty much the same wording in places and in others just rearranged, including part of my description. This is really annoying! Why can you not just put your own description? I mean come on, if you can’t explain what it is your offering, how can you offer that service? I swear every other gig description for the access database gigs is copied in either partial or whole from another gig. Grrrr… Ok rant over.


Some people have chutzpah, am I right? May they develop poison ivy rash all over their privates the day after breaking both hands in an embarrassing and very public mishap~


Reply to @celticmoon: Nothing like using Yidish (spelling?), on a top 100 website created in Israel!

=D> :smiley:


I agree.

However, I’ve noticed that these MORONS simply copy&paste your description, without reading it in detail.

So what you CAN do… is to repeat your Fiverr-handle in your description, if you’re worried about it being copied.

What this will do, is place the following line on the gigs of all the copycat MORONS:

"Remember, the top-quality version of this Gig is ONLY offered by me, [Fiverr-handle]!"

In this way, the MORONS actually wind up promoting YOU!



Reply to @batisa: I hear ya! Exactly how I feel when I see that. I really have a hard time believing these sellers are going to deliver what they state. Actually I kinda know that, I’ve had to re-do a couple of these peoples work! They deliver nowhere near the quality that they propose in their copy and paste gig description. Not saying I’m better than them or anything like that, but don’t overstate what you can do… 20 years experience my booty! It becomes a huge let down for the buyers, promotes distrust and whatnot. Have some integrity people!


Reply to @celticmoon: lol thanks that gave me giggle. :slight_smile:


Reply to @regency85: So smart! I’m totally going to do that. Genius!


Reply to @accessgirl: Thank you, thank you. :">


I found something more annoying than gig description copy… I like to check people gigs,especially the one with video. Many of them are so creative and entertaining. One time i found two different account testimonial gig video that has the same background effect, same angle shoot and same service, not sure about the title and description. The difference is only with the actress, one is from US/Europe (don’t really remember) and the other one is from India. That was so weird… I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or who-copy-who…


Sounds like we need an active Fiverr police force and some implications for the law breakers.

Theft just simply sucks. Definitely not the type of seller that is likely going to do right for their customers. Too lazy to craft your own materials? Where are you going to find the energy to do work for others?..




Hahaha, that happens a lot on fiverr. Some people are not really good at expressing their services, thats why may be they just copy/paste. :wink: