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GIG description copyrights

Is it allowed to copy someone’s gig description, tags and create same? because While checking my gig on search I checked other gigs similar to my then I found one person using my gig description then I ran a plagiarism test and I find out there are lot of sellers using my exact gig descriptions, tags etc.

This is my gig

online plagirsm tool I used

Thank you!


No, plagiarism is not acceptable. If the original seller reports those who copy, their gigs may be removed or their accounts may be banned.


fiver gig copyright is very bad and i think you never ranked this gig.So every word you writing.
I hope you understand this issue.


I would like to warn you that if you report this to CS they might pause your gig, this case was posted here just 2-3 weeks back when a guy reported another account of stealing gig description and in result though the copied gig was not available but his gig was paused too.


@vibhanshu why warning me? someone else copied my gig description

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Actually other sellers copied my one

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Those Sellers are joined fiverr in 2017 and 2018 my gig was created in 2015 :blush:


Do send them text to change the description, after that do contact fiverr support

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