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Gig Description Format?


Hi All.

Lately I have been editing my gig regularly to improve readability and clarity. In my ‘edit gig’ page I can do some simple formatting (bold, italics, font size etc.), but it doens’t show up on my live gig page. There its just plain text. Any idea how this is possible and how I can change this?



Same problem here


I’ve seen this too. The paragraph separation, bolding and others are gone on gigs. And I have made no changes.


Has there been a recent change in Fiverr? I have noticed the only formatting option that shows up is the underline (which shows up as a yellow highlight) All other formatting options do not show up on the gigs. Not only on my own gigs, but all sellers. I don’t see any formatting across all of Fiverr.

In fact, upon inspection of the html/css the bold attribute is given a weight of 500 which does not show up as bold. It needs to be at least 600. The list styles have all been set to none so the site will not show any bulleted lists. (these are settings on Fiverr’s end)

I have a support request into Fiverr, but I am not confident to receive an answer outside of clearing my cache or trying a different browser. (which I have done, as well as used both a Mac and Windows computer)

Any one else see the same thing, or do my computers have a mind of their own :wink:


Reply to @edokoch: Indeed, gigs can take up to 24 hours to update fully.


Somewhere along the way it must have been changed, but it has been days since I edited it. Well, now its fixed. Thanks for your help.


I’ve just looked at your gig and your formatting is showing up as intended (bold, italics, increased font size, highlighting). :slight_smile:


This just happened to me too, thought I was the only one.