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Gig description formatting on mobile is terrible


The fiverr desktop / laptop experience is amazing, the gigs description is displayed nicely. This is not the case on a mobile phone, I’ve checked my gig descriptions and other peoples gig descriptions on my iphone and it seems there are no line breaks, everything is all one paragraph.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?


Ive seen it as well. I think it’s designed that way to save space, because it is a small screen. That would be a lot of scrolling if there were line breaks.

Although, I can’t see it helping or hurting if everyone is on the same playing ground.

This is all speculation from my end tho, I really don’t know why exactly it is setup that way, but I’ve noticed the same thing.


I agree!

I don’t understand why the mobile app version can’t also have bold text, bullets with indentation, etc. This is not hard to develop into an app…


Use the “Brave” browser in destop mode.
Trust me on this.

Great advice. I do a lot of things in the Fiverr site in desktop mode on my phone. Despite the usability issues with doing that way, it’s easier because I’m not restricted to the limited capacity of the mobile app.

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I don’t have this issue. My gig description via mobile has line breaks/separate paragraphs just the same as the desktop version. Maybe there’s a bug in the Apple :joy:

I’ve seen the issue on Android often too. I think it’s probably a bug because at other times I saw the gigs “as expected”.

Would be good if it got fixed, after all, while we can use desktop browsers ourselves, potential clients might not and it might hurt our/Fiverr’s business.


Hmmm interesting , Are you viewing via android?

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It’s happened with me also when I did copy-paste gig description from notepad…By typing manually I got the solution…You should try it…

Mine too, absolutely disordered

I agree, spacing of text spacing of paragraphs.