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GIG Description issue

I published my 1st gig but its not showing all the contents in description… what will I do now? Please help me.

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Don’t worry. Just edit GiG and add missing content.

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I have done that 3 times but gig description don’t change.

oh no… May be hidden issue. Make new gig for same service and delete this gig . I think it will be better.

Done this also but same problem happens… :frowning:

Probably there is a character in the description that is not “escaped” correctly, or has been sanitized for some reason, preventing the content to be displayed.
Try deleting completely the description and paste it again.


Its not help either… same problem occur

Check the number of characters when the editing window is empty, it must be 0.
When you paste the text the number must match the actual number of characters (1200 max).


I get the reason behind the problem… I used a hand symbol which prevent my content from publishing … Thank you for helping me