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Gig Description Text Editor Issue

Hey all,

I just wanted to ask how the gig description text editor works. I see some sellers who are able to BOLD their sentences, yet when I try this with the text editor, it only works as I edit. But once I publish my gig, the BOLD font doesn’t work. The only thing I can do is the yellow highlighter.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

It should work. Try to do it again and if same issue arises contact the CS. If not just give a try with using Ctrl+B shortcut without using Fiverr text editor

CTRL+B did not work for me. This is a relatively new issue. I had previously bold type until I edited my description and then it all went away.

Hi, it’s still not working. This is very weird.

Unfortunately, this is a known bug and has been going on for quite some time (months). I’ve re-edited my gigs several times and none of the formatting other than line breaks is working. Contact Customer Support. Maybe if enough users contact them, they will actually fix it. Good luck.