Gig descriptions readability - temporary solution


While waiting for the suggestion of the use of new line/carriage return being implemented, here’s a few ‘separator’ that can be used in your gig descriptions, to enhance readability.













¸¸.•´¯v´¯•.¸¸ ¸¸.•´¯v´¯•.¸¸ ¸¸.•´¯v´¯•.¸¸ ¸¸.•´¯v´¯•.¸¸

-»¦«- -»¦«-»¦«- -»¦«-»¦«- -»¦«-»¦«- -»¦«-»¦«- -»¦«-»¦«- -»¦«-»¦«- -»¦«-


Ooo thanks! Using!!


▣▣▣▣▣ Used!



Thanks :slight_smile:




Yes these are useful for the meantime. I hope the new line suggestion is implemented soon.


Thanks so much !



Great idea, thanks!


Wow, amazing! Thanks


Thank you!


These are really great! I will have to use these for my gigs sometime!


I ended up using me some hearts :slight_smile: :heart:


Oooh, I’ll have to try this, thank you!

Update: Eh, not working for me. Just makes it look even more cluttered. Oh well. Maybe they’ll implement some formatting changes soon!


@goodgift I hope so!


Reply to @ceceliavo: I went and looked at your gig descriptions, you’re not using it ‘long’ enough, extend the ‘lines’ a bit more and it will become a full length ‘separator’ :slight_smile:


WOW really like this, I had issues a few month back when editing my family tree gig description and came up with a very lame carriage break but these are awesome and I am sure will be used by many. Thanks!


Ooo thanks! Using!!


▣▣▣▣▣ Used!



Thanks :slight_smile: