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Gig did not pass our review


Whats up with Fiverr these days. We have bought hundreds of gigs but lately when we post a request, it does not pass review and an email with threats of Banned Account!!
"Using this feature to promote your services is not allowed, and can result in your account being restricted."
We are not promoting any damned services, just asking giggers to submit!!
Are these human reviewers who speak English or some moronic automated system?
Much more of this and they can darn well ban us anyway as Fiverr will be no more use to us. Its been getting annoying lately anyway in little ways and theres other players in the game offering the service.


mine too.
I have 10 .htm files I want transferred to .xls files.
Simple but not approved.


why not search gigs for that?


I did and fiverr rejected it.


How can fiverr reject your order.


I’ve heard that it’s an automated system and that some words trigger some sort of thingy that will flag messages. A lot of harmless words to us are deemed flag worthy because unbeknownst to us regular folks, there are banking companies that go by some interesting names these days that will throw a lot of users off because the reasonings behind warnings aren’t by human hands; which is why it was suggested that an actual group of humans be responsible for screening requests as opposed to an automated system.

Though I’m surprised nothing has been done about this yet there are sellers galore advertising the heck out of that place. Right now, the best bet is to go through the gigs section to search for potential candidates and possibly the My Fiverr Gigs section on the forum. Not sure what else to suggest.