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Gig didn't say one page

In the morning when I search the WordPress landing page my gig show on the 2nd page but at night the gig shows the 3rd or 4th page. what should I do about these changes, please someone see my gig and tell me what can I do about this? around active 18-20 hours per day and also the forum.


Gigs don’t stay in the same page forever. Gigs tend to shuffle between different pages. Which means that you will find your gig at different pages at different times. The position of gigs depend on many factors including but not limited to how long you are active in a day, what are the amounts of impressions, views, and clicks on your gigs, SEO and many other factors. So you can’t really do anything.
Of course being active more on fiverr may help you but you should try sharing your gigs on different social platforms to engage traffic. That might help.

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Thank you for your valuable information :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

These 2 things have absolutely nothing to do with where your Gig is shown on Fiverr.

Gigs are rotated. There is nothing you can do to always be on page 1.


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I am new seller on fiverr. I think If you want to see your gig just one page all time maybe You need to do good SEO and you need to do shear your gig on social media.

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thanx for your valuable information :heartbeat:

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