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Gig died after editing description [SOLVED] by CS

Hello everyone,

today I edited my gig description, I was in top search results!
Experienced sellers please reply, how much time it is going to take to come back into work again!
and will they come in same position? or anywhere else? do i have to work on it again

I only edited the price that was mentioned in Description, No words edited!

Please reply


it can take between 24 - 48 hours for it to get back in search. Good luck.


Something similar happened to me weeks ago! I waited 48 hours and could not still find my GIG so I contacted CS and they fixed it within 2hrs.

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thanks, i also wrote to CS lets see what happens

thankyou for your valuable feedback

Here is the answer I received from Fiverr when I had the same issue :

Also, when editing a Gig they may not appear in search for 24-48 hours as they must be review by our Trust & Safety Team just as when you created the Gig. Hope this information helps.

As I have noticed that I nearly never receive orders during the week-end, I wait until friday to make changes on my gigs.

What I have noticed is that the gig come back approximately in same position.


thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:
this is what i was looking for ::)) thanks a ton

thankyou everyone for support and answers! my gig is LIVE now :slight_smile:
customer support helped me, Thankyou FIVERR TEAM