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Gig, difference between pack and extra?


I saw different seller profiles who added 3 differents packs on their gig, or, only 1 pack called basic in which one they put a minimum price for it and then every features are as an extra.
In my case, I am providing video editing and for example, I would make a basic video editing for 5€ and color grading and motion designing would be a feature.
So, should I add these features in a pack or as an extra ? What is the difference if i put as extra instead of a pack or as a pack instead of an extra ?

Thanks for answers (I am not native english speaker, sorry if i made mistakes)

Interesting question.

It’ll take a bit to type out a detailed response, so while I’m doing that (Please see the (PPD) section.):

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Ok, thanks for your answer, I think I understand, so extra would be like a fast delivery or more revisions possible.

First, looking at your post, I’m not sure I have enough details to give you an exact answer.

Also: some terminology.

So your question is: whether to make multiple packages, a single packages, and if the color grading and motion designing would be better as part of a package, or offered separately as extras?

The main difference is in your skill at editing and your speed at editing. Secondarily is how much video you’re offering to edit for $5 (are you editing 5 seconds of video, or 5 minutes?). Third is how detailed the edits will be: if ‘color grading’ is no more difficult than adding an auto-filter to a whole video, then yes, it should be part of the package; if you’re editing section-by-section and applying a manual filter for each scene, then it should probably be an extra.

There are a lot of variables that can determine the price you should set, and you should never be working for so little that it’s essentially free.

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5€ is a standard video editing with basic transitions, something that could be indeed faster to make, motion designing and color grading are way longer to do because it contributes a lot to a video quality, it really makes the difference and it takes more long time.
And as you mentioned it, about total video time in minute, i don’t know at all how to manage it, because it really depends of what does customer want.


I would highly recommend applying point 3 of the (PPD) section in the post I shared.

As for the variables: based on this new information, you should consider making them extras, so that you can add time to the order as needed to make edits.

I compared with different video editors, they seem to decide total time in each of their packages, well, thanks for your answers, you helped me a lot :slight_smile:

I would recommend looking at more gigs. Two is too small a sample size to make an informed decision. 5-10 gigs from each rank would be a bit better.