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Gig disapeared without warning


Hello guys! Don’t know if this has ever happened to you.
My gig was on page 1 on Fiverr, then yesterday it has suddenly disappeared. All my reviews are 5 stars. I don’t have any canceled orders. I didn’t get any warning.

Could you please help me?

Has this ever happened to you?



Gig is still showing in your main profile page or it has been disappeared from this page as well, if yes, then fiverr has banned your selected gig and you have also lost all the reviews that you got on your that gig.
it will be good if you consult with customer support services they can guide your more precisely.

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No, in my main page it is.
But not when i search with all the key words related to it…

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Hi , dont worry , its fiverr gig rotation algorithm . I think you are facing this issue first time , some old sellers are facing this issue since 2016 , their gig gets removed from search result to give new sellers a chance . After 1-2 months it comes back to first page , then after 4-5 months it again gets de-ranked. And this cycle repeats. Its pretty common here.

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Here is the information one seller received from CS.


:open_mouth: Do you know if there is something I can do to accelerate the process?


It is out of your hands, because it is part of the way Fiverr does business. Sellers have no control over it. Read the thread I posted.


Yes, i read it.
But it’s very strange, cause i spoke with some friends of mine (level 2 sellers now) and they told me that this never happend to them… how could this be possible? :confused:

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Maybe, Fiverr promotes their gigs because they are more productive or more in demand? :thinking:


Why do you think your Gig should be on Page 1?

Are you THAT good at what you do?

It’s called Gig Rotation.

It makes it fair for everyone to get some exposure on Page 1.

I’m quite alright with being listed ANYWHERE Fiverr chooses to list me.


It’s not strange at all! Your gigs are all in very over subscribed industries.

For example, one of your gigs is for logo design - a ‘niche’ which currently has 130,000 gigs. Is it really strange that 130,000 gigs can’t all be on the first page of results?

Count yourself lucky that your gig was on page 1 for a while.


My gigs doesn’t appear anywhere.
Neither on the last page.

I believe that you didn’t understood my concern…

Dear sir,
I don’t believe that you read my problem until the end.
My problem is that my gig has disappeared, it’s neither on last page. The gig status is active, but it doesn’t show nowhere…
impressions and clicks have gone to almost 0.
From 300 +

It will happen to them soon. I have more than 14000 reviews on my gigs, and I still got pushed out of search multiple times. Yes, I can’t even be found in search. They put you back in search for a bit, they remove you… that’s the way things are.

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It’s removed from search, that’s what happened to me. It will get back, most likely you didn’t have a lot of orders, reviews, etc and other people had more.

I understand your question perfectly.

You have to understand that there are 130,000 gigs in one of your niches. There are millions of gigs in total on Fiverr - millions of them.

Sometimes gigs disappear from the search and then they become available again in the future.

It’s just the way that Fiverr works in order to try and give as many people a chance at making sales as possible. You can’t control it. You just have to go along for the ride.