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Gig disappear after editing!

Hello Everyone

I have edited my best selling gig with 91 reviews the day before yesterday, after that my gig is not showing in search! it’s really frustrating when best selling gig is affected :frowning: is there any suggestions how i can get back or how much time it needs to appear in search.



After a gig is edited, it is reviewed and re-approved by Fiverr mods. It’ll take ~24 hours to reappear in search.


already 44 hours have passed! but no changes! what can i do right now?

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did you change the gig images ?


didn’t do anything except the delivery time of my premium service, made it 5 days to 3 days, that’s all

Contact CS about it, they’ll put it back up.

Regarding the “wait for 24 hours” rule I was actually told by a CS agent that I was free to contact them the minute I noticed the gig’s absence because it was “my business and my income”. So now if it disappears for more than an hour (which hasn’t happened in a while), I contact them right away.

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thanks for your valuable suggestion. I edited this gig several times before but never faced this type of problems! this is why i am scared about it.

It’s quite a popular glitch, actually. You were just lucky to never face it before. :slight_smile:

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you know what? i never faced this regarding this gig, but i jave lost 2/3 gig with good reviews! :frowning: i had to delete and make them again :frowning: but this time i am too scared coz this is my best selling gig and i don’t want to lost it anyways :frowning:

I think this is the fiverr glitch.Same is happened with me I am wasting time on how my gig disappeared from search even though I typed my whole gig headline in fiverr search engine but gig is no longer appearing.
It is so embarrassing because it is affecting so much on sales.
Please Fiverr do something.

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what did u do after that? how did u overcome this issue?

Hi. I have the same issue now. It has been 3 days. It hasn’t re appeared. When I try to to enter this is customer support, the only thing I get is action error. I am not even able to submit the request