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Gig Disappear after got covid-19 and cancelled order 18th

From 2nd August i got covid-19 positive and admitted in hospital with serious condition. I was in hospital for last 18 days and also almost all of clients cancelled their work because of my absence total cancelled work is 18th. And also response , on time delivery rate dropped too. And suddenly my gig disappeared from first page and cant find nowhere . World is suffering and you are giving punishment??

I understand your disappointment, but how were the clients supposed to know what was going on without communication (I’m making this assumption since you didn’t say you did communicate with them)?

You may be able to get CS to pity you and renew your stats, but you’re not being punished, really. Punishment is when you do something wrong, and you didn’t do anything wrong. But in that same way, Fiverr isn’t wrong to continue to hold you to the standards they set. Demotions and stat dings aren’t always fair, but they’re life.

Fiverr isn’t going to all of sudden stop having standards just because of COVID-19. Everyone is going to be affected in a different way, and we all just have to roll with the punches. Even if there was special treatment, how are the algorithm, your clients, and those messaging you supposed to know you’re laid out in a hospital bed?

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Sorry that happened to you, but you could have paused your gigs or switched to out of office mode to atleast mitigate the damage, if not completely prevent it. I understand that you possibly had different priorities at the time, but keeping your buyers informed if something happened to you is important too.

All you can do now is to wait 60 days for your delivery rate to increase and explain your situation to any regular buyers you had there hanging(without begging them for orders, reviews, sympathy, etc.).


Actually someone on my behalf told those clients to extend because i am in hospital but most of them dont care about Corona virus.

Actually out off office can’t help me because i had already then 20+ order. Can you told me how many days later i get the account back from where it was before. Can fiverr CS help me. In past they didn’t help me related this issues. Only they say your gig is Active thats all.

The clients aren’t obligated to accept extensions or “care about Corona virus [sic].” Many of them probably had deadlines they needed to meet. I work at a church, so we’ve been doing even more with all that’s happening. When our drummer got sick, we hired a new one so that service could still go smoothly. We didn’t stop the whole service just because he couldn’t perform.

Can fiverr CS help me. In past they didn’t help me related this issues. Only they say your gig is Active thats all.

The only person who can tell you that is CS. Submit a ticket.

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Your profile is empty actually, it doesn’t seem like you had any orders ever.
Are you and tisattia1, who created nearly identical thread, the same person by any chance? Users are not allowed to have multiple account.

It’s great you had your buyers informed, but they have every right to cancel an order that is going to be late. And this has nothing to do with them not caring about the disease, they have deadlines too.


Thanks both of your time and support. You guys are so kind. May God bless both of you. Stay safe please. I have experienced what is covid-19 but in past i didn’t care about it.

alyonagrapie yes you are right its my husband account he just got a account and dont work he also got sick and was in ICU too. First i thought i dont share my account here but then i changed it. I just want the information and guidance. Then i posted again with my account. Thanks.

I’m so sorry you were ill and also lost business. I have chronic health issues myself and know very well how delays and cancellations affect performance.

But because I’ve differentiated myself in the market here for things that are in demand, I still make sales even if I deliver late or have had to cancel.

My point is that for.a business to manage rocky waters it must be resilient. So focus on that.

In a marketplace past orders tend to influence your ranking. It’s the nature of the beast. So keep at it.