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Gig disappear and dont know whats the reason

i am in need of help. my all gigs have been disappeared from fiverr search engine 5 months ago and it is terrible for me because i can not earn as much as i thought. my all rankings are fine. I have worked hard on fiverr but i dont get any results yet. please help me how to solve this issue.

Fiverr does not guarantee that gigs will show up anywhere in the search results. And when they do, it is based entirely upon gig performance. If you haven’t had any sales in a while, you haven’t delivered any gigs in a few days, and you have no new recent reviews, your gig may have a low performance, and thus, drop down in the rankings. If you want those gigs to recover, you are going to have to raise your gig performance.

Have you considered marketing and promoting your gigs to the target customers who need what you have to offer? As much as you may not like to hear this, YOU are responsible for your own gig success. Fiverr isn’t going to provide you with everything that you want – you need to get out there into your market, and earn it.