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Gig Disappeared all of sudden

Hello everyone,
so 5 days ago i have faced this issue that all of sudden my gig has disappeared from best selling page 1. I have been here for a while now, maintained my gig placement on page 1 for years, now all of sudden my gig has disappeared from page 1 and no where to be seen in first 50 pages. Reported this issue to CS and they simply do not care and reply back with same copy/paste msgs talking about irrelevant stuff. Then they said it could be because of your performance, when all my stats are 100% and 1 is 99% . So from getting 30+ orders a day to 0, impressions are 0 too. They call this perfectly fine and normal thing. Does this look normal to anyone lol? or am i the only stupid one here!
Please guys let me know if you have faced this issue and if there is any solution to this.



So I’ve had my gig disappearing from the search a few times and I’m not sure what kind of conversation you’re having with them but their response is kind of bull.

They’ve told me that the second I notice my gig’s absence from the search I can contact them to do something about it. They can check if your gig is even online, run a test search and tell you what page it is on and provide you a screenshot. If they’re alluding that your gig is out there somewhere, on, like, page 61 and you just can’t see it just because you don’t have enough patience to click through, I mean.

You can at the very least ask for a screenshot of your gig in search results.

If you do find your gig on page 61, they technically can just move it there without an explanation. The longest I’ve had it happening was around a week, then it bounced back to page 1. My theory on that is that it’s their way to highlight someone else fast — by moving the most direct competition back a dozen of pages.

If you’re just dissatisfied that your question is not being addressed, you can (in theory, I hope someone can advise on that) ask for your ticket to be reassigned/looked into by someone else (preferably a team lead). I’ve read a few successful instances of this but have no personal experience.

That being said, it’s the slowest month I’ve had in at least 2 years and I can see myself in search results just fine. I thought last August was bad but this is the new record for me. Zero new orders in the middle of the week. Maybe it has something to do with them introducing Studios and pouring traffic into that, I have no idea.


Please don’t take it personally, but I would say that the problem is hidden in your reviews (13 negative reviews in 1 month).
Starting from January Fiverr pays a lot of attention to the level of performance of sellers. They take the last 60 days into account. At one critical point (only Fiverr knows when it happens), your gigs are sent to the end of the list. You need to restore your performance to the normal level to get back to the front. The process may take from a week to several months.

I found your main gig on page 44 (from 45).

In order to return to the front, you need to improve the quality of your services. As I mentioned several times before, being in the green zone is not enough anymore.

Customer Support will not change it because it’s a part of their algorithm, and it seems that it really works as planned.

You can read about more similar cases in THIS THREAD


yes their replies are not relevant at all, they will mention same thing again and again about performance and cant guarantee your gig at 1 place. Ok i will try to get hold of team leader.
To be honest August was going good until i had this issue and everything dropped to 0, other than that i was getting 30+ orders.

i dont think that 13 negative reviews caused this issue, i have had over 400+ positive reviews too in last month so that balances it out. If it was to do with performance then gig goes down gradually, maybe few rows or 1 page at a time, not just jump from 1 to 44th page. I just hope this is not true because i have spent far too much time to maintain my position. If they just throw you to the last page and treat you like this then i dont think there is any point of working hard to go back again as they will do it again.


For all we know 2 bad reviews out of 1000 could do this, though. We don’t know.


I am experiencing thesame issue. I just raised a thread on this issue. I have searched through all the pages and could’nt find my gig, and they could’nt give me a good reply. I challenged support to show me the page wher my gig is placed, and they couldn’nt.

nobody knows fiverr’s gig algorithm or how gigs get on the top page.


I don’t know why support couldn’t find it. Maybe they are busy with other issues.
Your 3D modeling gig can be found on the very last page of search.
Check your performance and try to understand what’s wrong.
This thing is here at least for 8 months already (maybe more, but it became obvious in January).
Saying that it can’t be the reason won’t change the fact it’s working.


My gigs have never been on the last page even in my worse performance on fiverr. On the general page, my gigs can not be found. It can only be found on the last page, when you narrow the search down to ‘level 2’.

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My gig also disappeared all of sudden, I’m trying to recover my position but no result.
Any suggestion?

Hi! @urban_creation6

I have no idea about the algorithms and stuff but in my personal opinion, after reading some of your reviews and responses to bad reviews is to look at the tone of voice. I recognize that some clients are jerks and will leave a bad review even if it’s their fault and they didn’t answer or ask for what they wanted etc. But for people reading your reviews and seeing the replies from you which could be interpreted as rude, probably is not making a good impression and not helping with your performance.

Just my thoughts. Best of luck regaining your position on the front page!


its been 7 days now, no where to be seen!!! this is beyond a joke now. How can you ruin someones work like this, spent years and worked hard to get on top, then all it take is 1 second to ruin it all. CS have confirmed its not my performance, when you edit gig, it gets removed from search for 24 hrs, in my case its been 7 days now. Not sure what to do anymore with this bs.


Are you doing anything to bring in your own clients? Marketing… promotion? Bringing in your own customers and clients could be a useful jump-start to lagging stats. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make sure you have sales. You are a freelance business owner. It is part of your job to research, experiment, and do what needs to be done to keep your gig active, profitable, and achieving the goals you set for yourself.

I’ve been where you are many times. I’ve also brought my gig back through determined, success-driven actions. Marketing and promotion can – and is – a valid way to resurrect a gig. Take your success into your own hands. It is unwise to expect Fiverr to do it for you.


I don’t think so.I don’t receive a single bad review in 4 months and I cant find my gigs in first 100 pages. This never happened in 6 years experience on fiverr.I share my gigs regularly on social media,Response Rate 100%,Delivered on Time 100%,Order Completion 98% (This is not in my hand).

It was related to the author of the topic only.
Each case is different and it can be anything from late deliveries to frequent cancelations.

I DO NOT support this system at all, but it’s here and saying that it didn’t happen before won’t change the fact it’s here.

I talked with a dozen of users here and all of them started with the “it can’t be” idea. Eventually, all of them got back to the front.

You can check if it’s true here:
Choose “My gig doesn’t appear in search” and see if it’s active or not.
If it says PENDING, you need to push the Customer Support. Otherwise, they won’t be able to solve the problem.

When you enter “Painting video” in search, your gigs can be seen on the first and the only one page.

It’s another glitch of Fiverr. After the 50th page, you will see the same gigs on different positions (same gigs will be shown on 50th, 51st and so on pages).


With “Painting video” search is only one page with 40 results and my gig is 40th :frowning:

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I have pushed CS, sent many msgs asking for the reason which caused this but they reply same saying everything is fine and active on our side. Ignoring all the facts and proofs. I think they have been told to ignore this issue and just go with the flow.
If its not the performance then not sure what the hell the issue is. Very frustrated with this messed up system, they call it HELP CENTRE but you never get any help from them. You have to wait days for their reply back, when they do decide to reply then their reply is totally irrelevant and talking about completely different issue using same copy paste msgs.


Exactly. You just spoke my thoughts

They told me to wait for 12 hours on Wednesday as they have applied some BS fix on my account, today is Saturday and still no reply from them. No wonder many sellers leaving from here, CS has gone so bad that its unbelievable. It was never like this 1 year ago. Now they dont give a crap about anyone of what they going through. Fair enough if it was a sellers mistake or got a warning etc then its understandable, but without any reason removing the gig from page 1 which has been there for about 2 years is SHOCKING!!!
its 8th day today and still my gig hasnt come back yet!! all the hard work gone to waste

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