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Gig disappeared from first page


My gig that I ranked on fist page for specific keyword is now disappeared despite once appeared. can i know please why is it happened?

Thank you


It could be a reason of your late deliveries, bad response time and warnings. Let me know if there is something like this.

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I have just a while joined fiverr, I was optimizing my gigs even I have ranked my gig on first page while now that deranded back to 2 position on 2nd page

exactly that may be, Thank you

That could be a reason of competition increase on that specific keyword. Try to find more better keywords. Make your gig description even better using keywords with the lowest competition and good search rates.

How I make it more better? I think I can’t define it more better as it is.

OK, I will see I prefer you to sell your services at cheap only in start when you will get some 5 stars charge more. It will get you orders and also rank your gig. Let me see

That you said the great, Thank you

Also, define why should they hire you in description it will make it even better.

the description has limed character, so I can write further more

Make it precise not too much about your experience or that you do this or that only make them read your description. Have you got it

Try your best :heart_eyes:

That i getted, but what i wrote that is also important.

So your gig went from the first page to the second page? And you see this as an issue? Fiverr can only fit a certain amount of sellers on the first page, nothing is concrete and written in stone. At least your gig didn’t show up on the last page. Keep delivering quality work and you’ll be fine.

To some extent, you are right, but it is not just a matter of quality. If that were the case, people would not SEO their gigs or website.Quality as well as external effort is also required