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Gig disappeared from fiverr search completely

Hello Everyone!

So today my gig disappeared from fiverr search results completely! I’ve only one gig on my profile and its performing well. I’ve really good impressions, view, clicks and conversion rate. No changes were made in the gig. And it was on the first page in my specific niche from more than a month now. Today I woke up and saw my gig vanished. It’s not even existing on any other page.

What might be the possible reason for this? I have not received any sort of TOS

Any suggestions?

Thank you


“TOS” means “Terms of Service”. You’re not going to receive this. But you can read it at any time, since it is linked at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.

Yeah right! But what about the question I asked?

Fiverr ranking keeps on changing Fiverr doesn’t guarantee any one a fixed gig rank.

Did you ask Support about it? Forum users might be minimally helpful for this type of question, but a Search question would be best answered by staff.


But the question here is that the gig has vanished completely from the search result

Thanks for the suggestion! I think i’ll have to drop a message to the support staff

Hmm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

• Tags
• Title
• Description
• Price
• Gig images or video
• Sellers count

That’s what makes your gig appear and disappear or appear. Again but detailed:

  1. Tags :pencil2:
    You need to create tags which you think a buyer is most possible to write in the search. Never do two words in one tag. ( SEO )

  2. Title :pencil2:
    The title should contain some of the words of the tags to appear. ( SEO )

  3. Description :memo:
    The description should contain all of the tags. ( SEO )

  4. Price :moneybag:
    Price should be reasonable.

  5. Gig images or video :file_folder:
    Buyers love watching videos instead of boring images.

  6. Sellers count :slot_machine:
    Every seller wants his GIG to appear at first. Even new sellers. For example sellers offering Logo Design are 52561:


Also, when a seller has orders, it’s possible to go back in results because Fiverr gives the opportunity of having orders to new sellers too.

Hope that help you understand how Fiverr works! :rocket: Go ahead! :rocket:

Thanks much for the detailed answer! :slight_smile: I’ll contact the support staff

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