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Gig disappeared from fiverr search results completely!

Hello Fiverr Community, i saw yesterday that my gig suddenly disappeared from fiverr search completely. Before this problem my gig was in search results and now suddenly disappeared. Is anyone facing this problem and got any reply from fiverr?

You can ask Customer Support about this.

@theratypist - Yeah i am going to do this. But, I don’t know why this happened with me.

Exactly same is happened with me. Before, this gig was performing well. I have contacted CS and now waiting for their response.

The very same thing happened to me, too! My gig which has been in the top 10 for the past 8 months suddenly disappeared, and Customer Support’s answers has been useless, to say the least. From $150/day to ZERO in a flash! I honestly cannot go through months of hard work and sleepless nights to rise up to the top only to disappear again. That is it for me. After building such a great gig in 16 months and giving it so much time and effort and getting only positive reviews from my 1200+ buyers my gig, and ONLY MY GIG disappearing from the category, I am DEVASTATED. Fiverr has been my only source of income for the past 16 months, and I have been getting only better and better every other day, but now my gig disappeared only because of a website bug and nothing has been done to fix it I am done. I’m sorry for all the time and effort I put into my gig!

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Hi, I faced the same problem for hours.
I was in the first result for months when someone searched for ‘flipbook’ in search box.

But after updating one of my new gigs, fiverr asked me to edit the content category/subcategory.
I did the work and got the new gig approved after some hours. But then, my well resulted main gig didn’t appear in any related search results. Gig impressions were good and didn’t have any negative feedbacks. It looked like something went wrong after updating a new one.

Finally, I decided to contact fiverr support center and got the problem solved. So, I think best to contact them providing your details if you still face the same problem.
John Smith,

same problem with me also my Gig was on 2nd in the catagory and it disappears now dont know why so message the support today let see…

did anyone get their gig back on page after reaching customer support?

You are commenting on very old threads.

And most likely they didn’t. Because fiverr support can not manually change position of the gig.