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Gig disappeared from marketplace?

Do anyone know if there is some kind of “limbo” your gig goes into while waiting to deliever first order/review?

I created a new gig yesterday and got a sale later that day (the one and only gig on my account at the moment if you want to have a look). Order instructions have been filled in and i’m waiting for the customer to reply to a question I have before I deliever. My problem is that when I try to find my gig under the category it is supposed to be listed in, I can’t find it? It hasn’t been recommended or anything but should be listed under new gigs. I see that the other gigs that was listed over and under me (yesterday) is still sitting there, but mine is nowhere to be found. Any advice / info would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I see you have two gigs. One has 1 order in the queue, the other has none.

When I search for you, the search works fine.

Not sure what your are looking for.


Reply to @yeaman77:

I have experience the same thing. Now I just removed my gigs its no use after months of working honestly with my customers then all of a sudden I have zero orders now.

My gigs have a positive 100% ratings and is on level 2 and I have no complaints from my customers about my work so I don’t know the reason why they are doing this.

What a regret for fiverr now their revenue is going down because they removed legit gigs from the search list.

I am planning to transfer to another site. Bye fiverr crap :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply:)

Yes, you can find it from my public profile, but it is not listed under its category. Meaning: writing and translation > reviews > new gigs. The other gigs that came at the same time as mine yesterday is still there, mine is not :confused:

It had 51 impressions and 23 clicks in its first day (which I thought was a REALLY nice CTR), so would like to get it back up there. Might be a bug of some kind, I’ve contacted support so we’ll see what happens.

Dudes & dudettes? Green cows? blue labels? Anyone?


Not to hijack the topic, but it happened to me as well and I don’t know what to do:

It disappeared from the search results between yesterday and today.

What can I do to get it back?