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Gig disappeared from offline searching pages from last 30 days, but available on the 1st page of online

Our gig was on the 2nd offline page of the ‘Data Entry’ search result. But from 30+ days it’s not showing anywhere on offline pages. Though it’s available on the 1st page of online ‘Data Entry’ searching. The gig is available and displayed in all of those online searchings like: ‘Recommended’, ‘Relevance’, ‘Bestselling’ on the first page. But nowhere in offline pages. It slowed our selling…

We contacted the CS team, they replied that our gig is active and okay from their site. No issues there, it’s the algorithm that disappeared the gig. What should we do to solve this? Like this, any good gig like ours can be vanished due to an algorithm bug. Looking for positive solution guys.



Fiverr shuffles visibility, there’s not much you can do but - as we say in America - keep on keeping on. It’s in Fiverr’s best interests to keep cycling gigs, this provides everyone with an opportunity to get work, and buyers to get fresh talent and perspectives on their projects. I tell everyone - I think I’ve checked my stats/visibility maybe 5 times since I started a year ago, out of idle curiosity. You should be focused on “inbound” marketing efforts - make sure your gig is free of errors / typos, etc, and strive to provide excellent service for your clients every time.

I will say that I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to offer email scraping as a service. Fiverr’s been cracking down on that, and that could basically tank your account considering how often you talk about it / show it in your gigs.


Yes I have a gig for email scraping…then should I delete that gig? will that help my profile?

I think that service is against TOS. :thinking:

Edit: I just checked email scraping is against Fiverr TOS and is illegal in many instances. You may see others who offer the service, but they have not been caught by Fiverr YET!

But there are lots of gig for E-mail scraping and those are running successfully. But that was not the main gig I shared about. The gig I shared about is strictly Data Entry service related. There is not a single word for email or something that against TOS.

Please see my post above.

I am a teacher who hates sellers to do homework for students, yet that service is offered by many sellers on Fiverr until they get caught. We see many of them come to the Fiverr Forum to cry about losing their accounts over breaking TOS. Be safe, delete that gig.

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So it would be better for me to delete that service right? though it’s not the main issue. Why my main selling gig is disappeared? Does one gig effects on the other one?

Don’t know how the algorithm works. I am a new seller here and being a new seller I was in the 2nd page of searching, after completing the criteria for level 1, my gig just disappeared for no reason… Then I got my Level 1 batch. Till now it’s not available on the offline pages.

yes I know that service is not allowed in Fiverr. I didn’t know about email scraping is not allowed. Thank you for sharing that.

Fiverr gives new sellers a boost for a month or so, then their gigs go through the same rotation as the rest of us. Read the article I posted above.

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Not only is it not allowed on Fiverr, it is illegal in the US and many other countries!

yeah I understand. But gig is not available in a single page. It’s only showing when I filter to online. And, it’s in the top than rest of the gigs…But not in a single page of offline searching. If it was in the last page, at least I could say it’s there. But nowhere.

You are not the only one with this issue. Many sellers even level 2 and TRS have complained here about it.

Personally, I never check. It is what it is and I have no control over that!

How can I stop my overthinking mind not to check :sweat_smile:
Whatever hope for the best. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you Vickiespencer for your time. Many things learned from you sir. Hope will get to know more in the upcoming days.

Even though my hubby is a sir and part of my team, I am a lady. :wink:

ah sorry Maám. We worked as a team too. Nice to meet you. Hope my problem meets a nicer solution. Please pray for me.

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