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Gig disappeared from search result after editing the revision

Hello Friends,

Yesterday i edited the revision time of my best seller gig. Then it is disappeared from search results. Edited my other gigs also, but they are still appears in search results.

Can anyone please help ?

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Have you tried searching for it’s name? if it does show up, check the different pages in it’s category until you find it. At least before the algorithm changes sometimes it goes to page 16-24 or so after editing it, which is some kind of a punishment page to hide gigs in, as in some categories you could see lots of super selling gigs there. It’s semi-permanent too, unless support helps you out.

If you can’t find it even when searching by name, wait a day more and try again. :blush:

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Hi @dropship_guru Please allow 24 - 48 hrs time to reappear. When ever you make some changes it does take some time… still if you do not see it post 48 hrs, please contact CS then :slight_smile: Good Luck!


It will appear again after reviewed by fiverr please wait 24-48 hours


There are thousand of gigs are waiting then fiverr also give opportunity to all other gigs

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Please re-read the topic question again - the OP isn’t asking about search positions etc. - they’re asking about gigs disappearing completely from the search after editing. :sunny:


@smartseoz, in addition to what @misscrystal said, @offlinehelpers isn’t your brother. Some people find it rude when a stranger calls them ‘bro’, ‘man’, ‘sis’, ‘dear’…


Thanks for your help. Yesterday contacted CS. They forwarded my issue to Editorial team.

Reply from editorial team as follows.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:
Great news, your Gig has been reindexed and will e available on the search and categories within the next 24 hours.

But my search results restored before 24 hours. Thanks to CS and Editorial team.


misscrystal thanks for guide me then what should i do can you please suggestion?

Call people by their usernames, just like you did in the post above. misscrystal is fine instead of calling someone brother, bro, sister, mother, dear, honey, etc.

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For minor edits also, gigs disappear and reappear after 24 - 48 hrs ?

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