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Gig disappeared from search result?

I had 2 gigs appear on the first page of Best Selling gigs and now they’re gone, they’re no where to be seen!! Anyone have the same issue?


Just checked all of the Psychic pages, none of my gigs are listed ugh. Must be a glitch.


I once had that issue with one of my gigs… When I had no orders the gig went missing…
After I started getting orders they were visible again…


Yeah I searched through all of the “psychic” pages in the search results and can’t find one single gig up. So weird. Definitely a glitch of some sort going on.

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I can see five of your gigs on page five of the Online Astrology & Readings category.

I don’t know whether that’s good or not! :slight_smile:


I am facing the same issue :frowning:

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Same issue, my gigs were on first page, now my 3 gigs on 25 page and others are on last page.

I’ve looked through every page of “psychic” and I can’t see one gig. My issue is I want people to see my gigs when they type in “psychic.” I emailed support but I got template response :frowning: I emailed them again to clarify this. I hope they can fix this. I’m not getting any orders at all now I’m bummed out.

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im facing same problem over 2 months. is your gig ok now ?

Hello, did you check the settings?

(Not sure, this will help or not, but you can go through these settings)

This same is issue is happening with all my gigs and many other sellers but support says everything is okay. This is really frustrating as since December my gigs have vanished from search results.

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Same issue going on with my gigs since last 4 days. My gig was ranked on first page, in top 3-4 rows, all of my competitors are still on the first page while my gig is not even on the first 10 pages. The support is replying with same copy-paste messages.

This issue has driven me nut
I mailed support several times, yet they give me that same copy and paste message.
Gigs with extremely poor performance appear on search result, but my gig is no wear to be found on the “powerpoint design” or “powerpoint presentation” search result.

This is saddening I must confess

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This issue occurs due to fiverr search algorithm and it will get solved by itself automatically.

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Yes, something is definitely off! I have been selling for a year and all of my gigs were always best-selling in their categories. Around May (When the impression bug appeared) all of my gigs went to the last page and a bunch of other sellers are reporting the same issue. I contacted CS about it but not much has been done. I hope that they can fix it soon so that everything can run as smooth as before.

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STRANGE! It’s happening to all of us without getting any new orders completely disappointing!

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