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Gig disappeared from search :(

Hi Fiverr community I need Help regarding my gig. I know when a new seller get few orders gigs can be removed from search and get back to search when I delivered all the order queue.

But from last 24 hour my Gig is not getting back in fiverr search even I delivered all the orders. I tried all filters and pages, but it seems it has been removed from search.

Do you guys know why this happened to me. My is about logo designing.


Do you have impressions more than zero?

I thought this is routine. Can it be the algorithm?

i would be able to check these effected impression next day. currently my gig impression was 2k on average.

Algorithm could be, when you cleared orders in queue your gig get back to search. but for me it is not showing.

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You said it’s been more than 24 hours so you can check your impressions from yesterday.

Anyway if tomorrow you will see that your impressions are more than zero then your gig is still displayed in search even if you yourself can not find it.

you are right but how fiverr evaluate that a gig getting 2k impression thrown to last that it hardly get 100 impression?
I did not even get a bad rating not even a 4 star review, all are of 5 star, replied to the messages on time, every thing is perfect. :frowning:

gigs rotation. fiverr doesn’t guarantee good spot in searches all the time. they have thousands gigs that they need to display and rotating them from time to time. Everyone went through that or going from time to time including top rated sellers.
Fiver rotating them now because a lot of new sellers were complaining that they don’t get a chance to receive orders because only top rated and level two sellers showed in search on first pages. so fiverr rolled out this rotation system. just imaging how disheartening it was for established sellers to work so hard and be thrown at the last page just to give a spot to a new seller without reviews.

And now that new sellers got a chance to showcase themselves when fiver rotating their gigs and giving them a boost at the beginning they are complaining that why fiverr took that spot away from them after everything came back to normal;.

it was discussed many times and you can check other topics and read all points of view.


well said it helped me a lot too thanks for the explanation.

Same thing happen with me . I do not know the reason. but i guesses that i get i star review by a buyer and next day i all gig are not appear in search result place.

Check your gig status from here if it’s pending or active: