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Gig disappeared from the search after withdraw (see image)

This is the graph of my gig’s impressions

Do you see that sharp drop?

After I’ve made my first withdrawal my gig disappeared from the search for an entire day.
I was on the first page as a best seller and my impressions drastically have fallen down.

How is it possible?!

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When you get a solid dot it means that Fiverr is checking your gig. Did you not update your gig? Do something on your profile and gig?

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I updated my gig’s description. Just a little change. Nothing massive.

I’ve noticed that as soon as I have withdrawn all my money the gig disappeared from the search and it’s sinking down from the first page as best seller.
I have also orders in queue.

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As soon as you have done a tiny change, they will check your gig. It often removes you from the searches. Go to Help and support and send them a message about this. I did it a few times.

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I contacted the support and they restored my gig in the serach, but I’ve lost a lot of impressions during these days…
They have penalized my gig. It’s a shame.

What do you mean penalized your gig? Never heard of that.

For a couple of days my gig disappeared from the search and the impressions dastically went down.
Now I’m not anymore on the first page as best seller gig

Okay, I never look at the impressions at all on my gigs. The only reason I went back in the Fiverr search is when a client gave me a 4.3 rating. I went from the front page to 7 pages back on that gig. Are you new on Fiverr? Because what they do is put you on the first page for a while, to give you exposure (say for one month) you have to try very hard in that period, and if you get orders, you are kept there, but if you don’t get orders, you fall into the other pages.

Nope, I’m here since september 2019. I gained the first position on the first page as best seller then I’ve withdrawn all my money and my gig disappeared from the serach for 48hours, losing impressions an losing the opportunity to catch new orders. As soon as my impressions drastically went down my gig went down on the search