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Gig disappeared recently


I am a Level 2 selling on Fiverr with ACCOUNT AND FINANCE niche. I have noticed many times that after a new gig creation, I will lose my primary gig’s position. The same thing happened to me last week. I created a new gig for financial modelling. As soon as I created and published the gig, all my gigs lost their positions. My primary gig used to be on the first page in the first lines, sometimes in the first two lines. However, after publishing the gig for financial modelling, my gigs do not appear, but at 12th or even worst than that. Is this some problem with my account or is this how the Fiverr algorithm works? I have completely lost getting orders for the last week since my gigs lost the position.



You can’t be on the first page forever - that would be unfair to everyone else.

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Sometimes changing or adding a gig can stimulate the algorithm - and not in a good way!

Other times, the algorithm just changes your place to give someone else a turn.

Right now the algorithm seems to be being rewritten, so results are even more unpredictable than usual.

Do what you need to in order to improve your placing …

Good luck!

This is happening with lots of sellers and even top rated sellers are now facing issues. Their primary gig which is getting regular orders is disappeared from Fiverr Search suddenly and never come back. Maybe there is some update going on but yes its a bug and Fiverr Team should figure out the solution

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should I delete the new created gig? Can I get my gig’s position back while doing that?

There’s no guarantee you’ll end up with a better position. Could be worse.