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Gig disappeared suddenly

Hi, I hope you are doing well. About twenty minutes ago, I found one my gigs on page 11 (sort by: best selling). I got a few orders ten minutes later. I searched for my gig again, but could not find it on page 11. I checked all 20 pages in the best selling category but did not find it. What could be the reason? Any expert to guide me in this regard?

Have you updated or edited any of your gigs in this time? Gigs can disappear from search temporarily if changes are made to them.


Yes, if you made any change in your gig, it won’t show up. The system takes about 24 hours to update. Try finding your gig by keyword search. When your gig is selling it’s not a good idea to do any edits.

No, I did not make any changes.

I did not make any changes yet it has been disappeared. I don’t know what is reason. I was happy that my gig finally showed up on page 11 and was hoping for it to go up further in the coming days.

This could be because of decline in your performance graph. There’s only one way of getting on first page ‘PREFORM’. Keep all the areas in your analytics green for few months and you’ll see the difference. You don’t have to edit your gigs unless they need some. Your analytics take you on first page.

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I can see that you earned 53 feedback in just 2 months which is a proof of your talent and capabilities.
Don’t worry about it.

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It has many causes, it might be that you missed some important aspect, edited your gig, or the impression reduced, or average selling price reducing. Many stuffs.

Market your gigs.

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Thank you! I deliver good quality work. I hope everything will be good. Thank you very much. Stay blessed.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

What were you on the front page for?
Eg. If you are a proofreader and people search for “proofreader” you might come up on page 10.
However, some people might search for “editor” or a variety of other things which you show up on page 1 for.

Some people use the filters, others use search.

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