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Gig Disappeared


Hi guys,
Since I edited my main logo gig I couldn’t find it on search and logo page anymore. Can you please help me with this? Why my gig is disappeared? My views and clicks were Descreasing gradually from 3k to just 65 within last 4 days ( never happened before).
Thank you so much in advance.

Kind regards: Iffi


I think you should knock to CS for this issue and normally it takes 24 hours to get effective on any changes you made to your gig


No, don’t knock the CS down. They’d probably not like it. Instead, be kind and courteous when you interact with CS. :slight_smile: It gives the best results, trust me :+1:t3:

You can contact them at

This is kinda true. However, there can be times when it can take longer… say 48 to 72 hours before you can find them on the search page again.