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Gig disappearing after amending listing

I’ve looked in the community and seen quite a few people having the same issue.

It seems that, regularly, after making edits to my listing it completely removes my profile from the site. You can’t search anything that appears with my listing (usually ‘Female Vocalist’ does the job), and even searching my direct username doesn’t bring up any results.

I had this issue previously before, and got in touch with customer service who apologised and fixed the issue immediately.
This time, my response was - “I’ll escalate it, but there are no promises.” ?!?!

It seems that this is a regular occurrence, and it makes me increasingly anxious that any kind of amendment or edit I do to my gig (in order to aid and help buyers who get confused, or ask similar questions) will decrease my sales and possibly completely stop me from receiving orders.

I’ve seen lots of tips saying wait 24-48 hours however previously, it had been down for a number of days before I noticed and started to question why I wasn’t receiving any enquiries, so I know that it can take much longer - if at all - for profiles to reappear.

Why does this happen, how can we stop it from happening, and is this actually a reasonable bug to happen on a website with no real explanation or resolution?


When you edit your gig it has to go through automatic and sometimes even manual review. That’s normal and as you said it yourself it takes time.

That being said, if your gig drops off and doesn’t come back then you need to contact CS. I’ve edited my gigs probably 50+ times and only once I had to contact CS because it wasn’t added back to the search automatically.

I agree that these issues should not happen, but I guess Fiverr is working on it.

I’ve got in touch again but the new response of “no promises” is really, really silly. So… No promises that I’ll get my profile up… again? How does that work?

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I don’t know what they responded and if there’s even anything wrong with your gigs.
If it takes more than a couple of days for your gigs to surface again, then you need to talk to CS about it. We can’t fix it for you.

All we can say is that if you make a change wait for a day or so and if that doesn’t help talk to CS.

My original post already explained what they had responded to me, and it also explained that I have already read and heard that people have said it takes 24-48 hours for this to change, but I’ve had my gigs disappear for longer than this. I wasn’t asking for commenters to fix anything for me - just looking for advice and feedback on people who have had the same issues and how to stop it happening in the future.


Just make a new ticket if that agent doesn’t help you. That’s my suggestion. Every CS representative cant be perfect, but many of them are great.


good shout. thank you!

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