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Gig disappearing from search results

Whenever I edit my gig, it goes under review. Why it is occurring?
Gig shows “active” status but it doesn’t appear in search results.
Anyone can help me?
Thank You!

You are editing your gig so you can’t find it. There is nothing to worry about, maybe you can search later.

Same problem happened with me. I have contacted with customer support but they didn’t reply yet. Already 9 days gone my gig is pending

Please be patient. Fiverr CS is very busy. They will respond when they are able to do so – likely in 10 days. If they don’t respond, then that may be an indication that they don’t have an answer for you. Based upon what you have written, they will probably tell you that your gig is live, and that you cannot control where it shows up in the search results.

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