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Gig disappearing issue

Its been over 4 weeks now since this issue happened with my gigs, literally every single gig gone to last page (11 gigs) i have paused all and kept 1 active now.
I want to know if there is any solution to bring the gigs back to its original position. Sellers have been facing this issue for months now, there must be a solution for this. 1 thing is for sure that CS doesnt give a crap and wont help you, they have been told to send some copy paste messages. I know they dont give guaranteed sales or 1 position etc so no ones asking about that. It took me months to bring my gig on top page in each keyword, in 1 second they have thrown the gigs from page 1/2 to 100th page. From getting 10k+ impressions to 0-100, orders i used to get 10+ per day, now 0. Everything dropped to 0, they call this normal. If we just look at this year, my gigs were on top pages, all stats are good. Then all of sudden a big big drop to the bottom is NOT normal.
So i would really appreciate if any one can help me with this, i have already changed images,title,tags,descriptions,faqs

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Hey @idesign_4u,

this happened with me in January 2019 my all gigs move to last page you can check my started topic related this. This thing happen if you cancel more than 3 order within 60 days. I am sure your gigs will recover position again after 60 days
for more info checkout below topic

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Thats very bad bro! how do you know it happens after 3 cancellations?
For me this is what happened, i have sent a delivery to buyer, he accepted the order straight away, i inboxed him if he liked it etc then he said i have asked for revision, then he gave bad feedback, i sent proof showing there was no revision, even then i did the revision in inbox, later fiverr cancelled the order. So i was left with negative ratings and bad feedback. I told CS, showed all proof that its not my fault that i didnt get his revision on order page, then CS removed the feedback and compensated me. ( i had to send 100 msgs to CS, explained the issue then finally someone understood it was not my fault).
Straight after this cancellation my gig disappeared to last page, 20000% this order caused it as all stats show that after this cancellation my stats dropped to 0. Now CS not even replying back and accepting this fault from their side. I told them to get rid of cancellation effect as you already removed feedback and compensated me, but no luck :confused:
ruined my whole business in 1 second
past 20 days i didnt get any orders, no motivation left now. How can they throw a ranked gig with 13k+ reviews to last page.