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Gig disappears after using the 3 packages system


3 days ago I updated my gig by changing the price and it seems that I used the new 3 packages system (since I had to add a title and description while editing the price of what will soon be the 1st package).

My gig instantly disappeared from the search results. I went from #4 and #6 on the first page to nowhere to be found.

I changed the price back to the minimum and so far, no updates.

It seems that many other Sellers faced the same problem when using the 3 packages system or just updating their info.

I contacted the support and I’m still waiting for their response.

Anyone of you faced the same problem ? Any advice ?

This is NOT a bug.

It can take somewhere between 24-48hrs for the gig to reappear every time a major update is done to it by yourself.

It has been over 48 hours and the gig is missing from the search results.

I edited my gig in the past (major updates such as : title, description, tags, image, requirements, …) and the gig doesn’t instantly disappears, it maintains the same rank and the changes from the updates take effect within the following days (sometimes it took a week to show up for a newly included keyword).

Sometimes after an update the gig is instantly approved and at other times they are flagged for manual review.

Your case currently could be the latter.

Just be patient and wait to hear back from CS.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

Oh, I didn’t know the gigs were reviewed manually after some updates. Thanks a lot for your yelp!