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GIG disappears from search

Hi, Fiverr community!

Usually I have at least one order per day from my flagman gig with 3D logo. Gig have about 47k of impressions and of course it’s active. But few days I have nothing=( I checked Search and could not find it. I had a mutual cancellation, it happens sometimes for some reason, and have a negative review. Could this be the cause of my gig’s problem? Community, give me some advice please. who have experienced this?



Sheriff’s Note: Questions like this are best posted in the Fiverr FAQ (unless a similar one has been answered) or Conversations. It is not advisable to provide a link unless you are posting an ad in My Fiverr Gigs. Your username is already a link to your profile and you can refer to a particular gig by name.

You should contact Customer Support and ask for the reason of disappearance.

You have to sell your services from 5$ on fiverr. This might be the problem.
But contact CS!

Reply to @deemee46
Hey bro,
Did you find your gig in search category after changing the description of your gig?
I have a same problem too .

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, you are right! Support answered me the same. Well, changes have made, looking forward to get back to work!
Thank you for useful advice!

Reply to @omi007: No(
Support answered: "Our system has automatically suspended your gig for reports of several Late delivery orders with you not responding to the buyer."
Lately I have been delays in orders. Therefore, I only blame myself here. Does anybody know how to fix this wicked situation and get back to work?

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you! Working on it!