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Gig disapreance

Hi my gig is disapeared on 30th of January, can anyone help me and give me some tips to find it in the marketplace please, I contacted Fiverr customer support several time but they simply reply and talk about the cancellation, response rate, on time delivery and 5 star rating, even my all performance is good so far.
Thank you in advance


Umm, what do you mean it disappeared? Like what happened to it?

First You check Your gig then search google and youtube you will be find your problem Then You find solution

Thanks for your reply
Actually I’m trying to find it by adding different keywords but still can’t find. It was on first page on the top. Got 6 cancellation but it’s cleared now.

Your gig can’t disappear unless it was denied or removed. Check your GIGs tab and see if it is marked as active.
If it’s active and you cannot find it, then it’s either:
1.) High competitive field hence difficult to find yours.
2.) Poor/incomplete use of keywords to make your gig easily to be find.

Or both of the above.