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Gig Display Order on Profile page

It would be great if you could change the gig order on your profile page.

Currently, the first gig I created displays at the top of my page, I’d like to be able to move that gig down the list, move the another gig up, so its the first one that appears on my page.

I was wondering why mine isn’t showing in the upper right corner of my profile page like so many do on other sellers. But no response to garavogue post since 2013? That’s not good!

I believe the gigs on profile pages are listed in order of popularity. The gigs with the most reviews are listed first. The newest gigs are listed last.

Glad to see it’s all fixed now. It must’ve only been an issue because you were new. Good luck with your Fiverr ventures!

Matt (xqggqx)

Seems like it. Not sure if it’s reviews or orders… but I’m inclined to think that it’s actually orders that matter (I have a gig with 4 reviews that ranks higher than one with 5). In any case, the more popular gigs get prominence, which makes total sense.

Matt (xqggqx)