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Gig Dispute (New Seller)


I am a new seller, I delivered some work to a user, and he started changing his guidelines and he did not explain what he needed, and I couldn’t work more for the budget he gave me. He opened a dispute to cancel the order, and I refused, because I worked 3 days on it. Now what will happen? is someone from the Fiverr team going to weigh in?
Thank you.


Did you state anywhere that you dont give any free revisions, or you could have asked them to purchase an extra revision. If you done the work the way they said but they then changed their mind completely after you delivered then thats their fault and you should contact fiverr about it, but fiverr will probably just cancel the order themselves if a seller files a dispute, its happened to me twice even though it wasnt my fault at all, i just recommend contacting fiverr customer support.


Not on the forum. If you want an answer from the Fiverr staff, you’ll have to submit a ticket to Customer Support.

People on the forum are just sellers and buyers, not Fiverr employees.


this may also help?